5 Best Places to Find Virtual Assistant Clients Online

5 Best Places to Find Clients #ClientAttraction #VATips

The number one question I get asked as a full-time virtual assistant is “Where do you find clients?!”

When you’re first starting out in the VA world, it can definitely seem like a daunting task. But honestly, the hardest part about finding quality clients is knowing the right places to look. Once you’ve got this down, you’ll have your first (or tenth) client in no time!

5 Best Places to Find VA Clients

1. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great place to start when searching for your next client! I recommend starting out by joining 3-5 groups and engaging in them consistently. Whether that means posting some advice or commenting on what others’ share, is completely up to you. 

The cool thing about Facebook groups are that you all share a common interest so if you want to post about something, chances are there’s someone that is going to be interested in what you have to say! People love to see the small and big wins you’re making in your business and it’s a great way to get your name out there. 

The best part of Facebook groups though, are all the job opportunities! There sometimes can be dozens just in one day. Even if you don’t get the first, or tenth, #jobopp you apply to, it’s great practice reaching and pitching yourself to potential clients.

2. LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn has a huge market for VA job opportunities! Start by optimizing your profile to best fit your skills and business. That means a professional headshot, on-brand cover photo, and a clear and concise headline.

Once your profile is looking lovely, it’s time to start connecting and reaching out to those in your target market. I recommend browsing and connecting with at least 10 prospects each day. Make sure you draft up a quick message to introduce yourself and a specific reason you’re interested in learning more about their business. LinkedIn is all about connecting and building relationships, so be genuine and do just that!

3. Cold Pitching -

Cold pitching yourself to potential clients can be scary at first, but it has insanely successful results! You can do this on any platform of your choice but the most popular are LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. 

First, you have to know what kind of client you’d like to work with. Is it someone in the fitness industry? You would then search and find prospects in the fitness world using specific hashtags, relevant groups, etc. Once you’ve qualified a few of them, you could reach out and pitch yourself. What’s great is most of the time, they didn’t even know that VA’s exist, but they do know they need someone just like you!

4. Reaching out to Friends & Family Online- 

Another often overlooked source of VA clients are your own network! That’s right, your own friends and family might need exactly what you offer and you don’t even know it. That’s why you have to put yourself out there and make your services known. 

I recommend making a simple post on your personal Facebook or Instagram about your business, your target market and what you can provide to them! Sometimes this is a scary step for people to make because they have been somewhat lowkey about their business so far. But, it’s a necessary step, both for your mindset and your client roster.

5. Referrals-

By working hard at building your online network, you will automatically start to see the results in the form of client referrals! Word-of-mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing techniques even in the digital age. 

Engaging on social media, helping out fellow VA’s, and simply connecting are awesome methods to expand your network and increase the chances of more referrals being sent your way!

Finding VA clients can seem like an obstacle to overcome at first, but definitely don’t let it knock you down. Everyone has to start somewhere and these five methods are proven to find you high-quality clients from the very start of your VA journey!