How to Maintain a Proper Work-Life Balance

How to Maintain a Proper Work-Life Balance #worklifebalance #balance

Whether you work outside the home or work at home, chances are you struggle with the work-life balance. We are constantly juggling our work life, with our personal relationships, personal responsibilities, and still trying to squeeze in some fun time. We are probably all striving to achieve that balance, but usually fall short.

Regardless of where you work, maintaining a proper work-life balance is something that should be a priority.


As tempting as it is to try to climb the corporate ladder by logging in a gazillion hours, it can have detrimental effects on your health and work performance. It could ultimately end up backfiring and cost you your job if you aren’t careful!

Consequences of not maintaining a proper work-life balance are:

·Poor Health - Stress and being over-worked does a number on your health. Your immune system won’t work properly, and you’ll start to notice yourself getting sick more frequently or for longer. You’ll also have less time for eating balanced meals and getting exercise. This could also lead to missing days at work due to illness.

·Substance Abuse - Being overworked can also make you feel drained of energy so you may turn to drugs to keep you going. Exhaustion will also lead you to making poor decisions. Neither of these are conducive to a good working environment.

·Exhaustion - Not only will you feel more fatigued, but you’ll have a hard time sleeping and concentrating due to the exhaustion.

·Relationships Suffer - If you’re married to your job, your personal relationships will take a hit without you even noticing. People may start to do things without you, which will lead you to feeling left out and resentful.

·Increased Expectations - The more you work, the more people will expect that from you on a normal basis. This could lead to increased responsibilities when all the while you were just trying to stay afloat.


·       Create set work hours and actually stick to them. Decide when you are going to work and don’t work outside of those hours. This is especially important for those that work from home. It’s easy to bleed those work hours into personal hours. Set an alarm or a timer if you have to but stick to it.

·Manage your time - In order to create more of a balance, you’ll need to dust off those productivity skills. Learn to be efficient with your time and lose those time suckers. If you’re a procrastinator, try to schedule tasks into your day. If you are overwhelmed with a big project, break it down into smaller tasks so that you can figure out how long it will take you. Create a calendar of your daily tasks and try to stick to it as much as possible.

·Take Breaks - Learn to take breaks throughout the day. Doing this will help you clear your head so you can make better decisions throughout the day.

·Learn to say NO - Overcommitting yourself by always saying yes is only going to burn you out even quicker. This is a must-do both at work and at home.

·Get Plenty of Rest - Make sure you are getting enough rest and sleep. Burning the candle at both ends will eventually catch up to you and then you won’t be good to anyone! Decide what time you need to start unwinding to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night and stick to it.

·Take Vacations - Don’t work yourself to the point that you don’t know how to enjoy yourself. Plan and take those vacations. You’ll come back from them more refreshed and ready to be the best version of you.


Take care of yourself - Take care of yourself by eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise and sleep. You will perform better in all areas of your life if you are healthy.

Make time for yourself - Working on self-care can be hard for some of us, especially the work-a-holics. We sometimes feel guilty for taking time for ourselves. But it is so important. You won’t be good to anyone if you don’t show yourself some love every now and then.

Check in with yourself - Every month or so, take some time to check in with yourself to see if you’re maintaining that balance the way you intended. Is there room for improvement? Do you need to move some things around in your schedule? Don’t just do things because “that’s how you’ve always done them”.


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