How to Market During the Summer Slump

How to Market Your Business During the Summer Slump #MarketingTips #SummerSlump #BusinessTips

Summer is the best season for a lot of things: your tan, your trendy platform sandals, and your favorite rooftop bars.

But, is it the best season for your business? Not so much.

A lot of businesses notice a major slow-down during each summer - which we like to refer to as the “summer slump”. This can be disheartening for small business owners, especially when they’ve recently launched their biz and are not aware, or prepared, for this.

While the summer slump can be frustrating, it definitely doesn’t have to be the end of your biz or kill your entrepreneurial spirit! I’ve put together a few ways that guarantee your business will stay afloat throughout those extra slow months.

5 Ways to Stay Afloat in the Summer:

1.  Put out your best content through the right channels

Be prepared to put out a ton of quality content during these months. That doesn’t mean just blog posts. It can be a great idea to take advantage of IGTV and FB Live during the summer because generally speaking, people aren’t in the mood to be reading long, dense posts!

2. Develop your marketing plan

During the slow months is a great time to get ready for the rest of the year! Maybe there’s a ton of stuff on your to-do list that has been getting put off for months such as a revamp on your website or your idea to start a podcast. Take advantage of this time and get your ideas into action!

3. Start a summer referral program or a free trial offer

Offer a summer promotion in which clients can refer friends and colleagues and get X amount off their next service, or purchase. If the promotion succeeds in generating new or increased business, you can tweak and repeat the same campaign during the winter holidays as well. Be sure to put an expiration date on this June - August 30th. 


Use this time to build credibility and your network! Start a free-trial offer where you can really show off the value you can provide to your prospective customers.

4. Keep a close eye on your budget

Nearly 60% of small business owners say that having enough cash has been a big challenge in running their businesses in the past. Know your numbers and monitor your finances before heading into the summer slump.

5. Create an Opt-in or Two

Use the time to create high-value opt-ins for your website! This is a great way to grow your list and still add value for your existing clients. This can even be done while sitting by the pool or lying on the beach. Some ideas are Trackers, cheat sheets, checklists, tools and resources guide, but the possibilities are truly endless.

So, yes. It’s true that the summer months can be somewhat of a bummer for your business. But, don’t let it get you down. There’s plenty of ways to use this time proactively so that you are simultaneously working on your biz and your tan!

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