How to Track and Improve Your Time Management Skills

Time Mangement

You have 86 400 seconds in a day and how you spend them is up to you.

While you may want to spend them on social media or having tea with a friend it is crucial to exercise proper time management in your business.

Time management is a hard skill to acquire. Even the best of us gets distracted every once in a while, (who can resist a cute cat video)? But it is key to success in your business. (time management, not cute cat videos).

There are several ways to practice proper time management. We will dive into the top three most effective ways to improve your time management skills and take your business to the next level.

Minimize Distractions

Track the amount of time it takes you to do each of your tasks for one week. Starting a timer when you become distracted with something that is not your direct task. Calculate the amount of time at the end of the week that you have lost. Identify the distractions and kick them to the curb.

There are many ways to minimize distractions. If you become frequently distracted by social media stay away from your smartphones or electronic devices. If you can’t, get a News Feed Eradicator it is a plug in for Google Chrome that blocks your news feed and instead shows you inspirational quotes throughout your day.

If you find that your friends, family and co-workers are a distraction set proper boundaries and have a private office space, or space that you can escape to. If phone calls are the issue, find a polite way to determine the callers needs and if they require your immediate attention or something that you can pencil in for another time.

Once you can identify and minimize your distractions, you will notice an increase in productivity.

Stay Organized

One of the biggest causes of poor time management is disorganization. If your office, workspace, desktop are all cluttered it will take more time trying to find the item or document that you are looking for than the task itself. Giving your workspace and desktop a little clean up at the end of day before you leave your desk is the key to staying organized. Taking 5-10 minutes each day could save you hours in the future.

To-Do Lists

Anyone who is good at time management knows the art of a good to-do list. It is a list where you jot all of the tasks that you need to do for that day, or week on a piece of paper and ensure that they get done. To-do lists can be both a blessing and a curse. There is this unexplained feeling of satisfaction when you cross off an item on your to-do list, but at the same time it can be discouraging if you aren’t crossing anything off.

The key to a good to do list is prioritization. Write down all of the tasks that you need to get done for the day and then prioritize them by number. Start with the #1 task and work your way through. That way, even if you don’t complete all of your tasks during that day you will have completed the most important ones and you will feel accomplished, motivated and continue to be productive.

If you are able to improve upon these three areas you will improve significantly on your time management. Keep in mind that this transformation doesn’t happen over night, especially if you are known to be poor with time management. The key is to stick to it, even read a book or two on the subject. 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time Management and Inner Peace is a good starting point for those wanting to jump into improving their time management. The book makes you think, but you come out of it a more efficient person.