Tips For Hiring a VA Subcontractor

Tips for hiring a VA subcontractor #VATips #EntrepreneurialTips #HiringTips

As a small business owner there may come a time when you need to hire someone to help you. You can either hire an employee or hire a VA subcontractor. For more on why you should hire a VA, read my blog post here. Here are some tips for hiring a VA subcontractor.

Who is your ideal subcontractor?

Before you even begin to look for a subcontractor, think about who your ideal candidate would be. Consider everything from they type of work you need them to do to the personality they need to have. Here are some possible questions to ask yourself:

·What skill set do they need to have to get the work done?

·Do they need to be experienced or can they learn on the job?

·Do you need someone who is an experienced VA or is it someone looking to get experience as a VA?

·What should their availability be?

·What type of personality do they need to have to do the work and also work well with you and your team?

·What is their work ethic?

·Do you want to hire one person with multiple skills or hire a few people with specific skill sets?

As you answer these questions, right down all your answers and really take the time to think about who your ideal subcontractor is. It is so important to be clear on this so that you hire the right person.


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Where will you look for your ideal client?

There are so many different avenues you can take for finding your subcontractor. There are membership job board websites you can place an ad on. Some examples of these are

Hire my Mom


The Work at Home Wife

Virtual Assistants

You can also look in Facebook groups. These are good because you can see how they interact with others before interviewing.

Word of mouth can always be a good avenue.

When placing your ad, be sure to be very specific about your needs and they type of person you are looking for. Give them a summary of the job role, the experience you’re looking for, how they should apply, and a little bit about your business.


When you start to receive applications, make sure you stay organized in some way. Perhaps create a spreadsheet with the date they applied, what you liked or disliked about their application, when or if you reached out to them, their response, when the interview is with the method of interview. This will help you see the overall picture and help you narrow down your top candidates.

Interview Questions

It’s best to know what questions you’re going to ask before going into the interview. For an awesome resource, be sure to grab my Questions to Ask When Hiring a VA freebie!

How to treat a subcontractor once they are hired

Once you hire your dream subcontractor, make sure you treat them like colleagues, not employees. Check in with them often, give them praise when they deserve it, let them know how much you truly value their work. When they feel appreciated, they will reciprocate that feeling back to you and your clients.

Hiring a subcontractor is a difficult decision, but if you do it in a way that aligns with your business goals and your values, you will come out on top. If you are ready to scale your business and be able to reach a broader client base, hiring subcontractors with varying skill sets will open doors for you in ways you can’t do alone.

If you have any other questions about how to make this a smoother process, please reach out! I’d love to help!