Underrated Perks of Working from Home

Underrated Perks of Working From Home and Being a Digital Nomad #VABenefits #VirtualAssistantBenefits #WorkingFromHome

Technology has uprooted and changed everything about how society once defined “working” and “careers”. Our generation is no longer restricted to the 9-5 office jobs (thank God) that our parents were and that is definitely no longer the one and only pathway to success.

There is no be all end all definition of success, anyway. What matters is how you define success and the steps you take to achieve it.

Is it growing a career while still having plenty of time to spend with your kids?

Is it having the time and opportunity to travel the world while simultaneously developing yourself professionally?

Working from home is not only an option for making a living.. It is a way to grow and thrive as an individual, professional, mother, friend, and anything else you strive to be, without having to leave anything on the backburner.

The Underrated Perks:

1. Pants are optional

You can get dressed one day a week if you want, or none at all. The choice is yours.. Just don’t forget about your lack of pants and stand up during a Zoom meeting. 

2. No alarms

Get as much sleep as your heart desires. You set your own hours so that means you can literally work all night and sleep all day if that’s how you work best! 

3. Unlimited snacks

No more awkward stomach growls in a quiet office.. Honestly, that should be a perk in and of itself. 

4. Impromptu TV marathons

Shark week, anyone? 

5. Spending time with your kids

Endless time to spend with all of your loved ones is something you really can’t put a price tag on. 

6.  Ability to travel

Want to take a spontaneous road trip around the U.S? No bother. A hotspot and your laptop are all you need. 

7. Never worry about getting time off

No more stressing about whether or not you’ll be able to get off for your anniversary or sister’s wedding across the country. Just put in the extra hours beforehand. 

8. No commuting necessary

Save money, and time on that long commute each morning.  

9. Morning routine

You finally have time to get a proper morning routine in place to enjoy without having to wake up at 4 in the morning. 

10. Passion projects

Always wanted to learn another language? Or train for a marathon? You can finally do it all.


If you weren’t already, I hope this post got you feeling inspired and excited about the perks of working from home! It’s time to take your life and career into your own hands and stop waiting until you have enough time, energy, or money to do so. There is no magic number and time is never going to be perfect, so why not start the journey towards true work-life balance right now?